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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Toxic Masculinity in the Workplace

Over the last couple weeks, pro sports teams have come under criticism for their toxic culture towards women. Many women have spoken out about the issues they've faced...and it has caused some teams to take action at a senior level.

One of the biggest challenges in creating a truly inclusive environment is education. There are many examples of obvious ways women are impacted by the actions of men that often become public, but there are just as many subtle ways that never make the front pages of ESPN that are no less painful to those impacted.

To all those points, I was incredibly lucky to be joined on a special Top Seller Podcast by a tremendous #sportsbiz salesperson who was one of many to speak out on this topic in Katie Honigford (Manager, Premium Sales & Corporate Partnerships, Atlanta Hawks), the leader of diversity and inclusion on a progressive tech sales floor in Katelyn Craine (Manager, Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging, HubSpot), and a former #sportsbiz senior executive turned founder of mental health initiative The #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement in Eric Kussin.

Honestly? I was never more nervous to host a podcast, as I know I haven't always contributed positively on this topic in all the environments I've been in....but I truly believe the resulting 50 minute conversation is incredibly important to reps and managers alike, as they aim to be more thoughtful about the diversity, inclusion, and belonging on their own sales floors. Hope this helps...everyone!

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