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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: What should a #SportsBiz be doing right now?

The actual winner of the poll I put up on who people wanted to hear from during this time was sales leaders. In conversations it was partly to hear what the leaders would have done as successful reps during this time...and, in part, their thoughts as leaders during this crazy time.

From these conversations, two people who immediately jumped out to me to have on were Mitch Ried (VP, Sales & Marketing, Louisville City FC) and Nathan Blum (Sr. Director of Sales, NASCAR). Both were incredibly successful sales reps in their own right, both have sold a variety of sports, both have sold those sports in a variety of markets, and both are people who just genuinely appreciate the sales process.

This conversation absolutely did not disappoint. There's some tremendous insights and thoughts over the first part of the conversation, so the whole 50 minutes is worth the listen, but the last 30 minutes were just incredible. Genuinely a discussion not to be missed by any #sportsbiz sales rep or manager. Check it out!

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