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  • Brett Zalaski

Truly Connecting With Your Prospect in a Challenging Time

In a response to an article on the site last week on 'What to Can I Say to Sell Right Now?', my friend, Eric Kussin (check out this cool thing he and Bob Hamer are doing!) wrote this note that he's given me permission to share:

I think emotional mirroring helps at this time, too. “I really miss going out to eat with friends right now (or whatever the rep misses so it’s real). For those of us who miss baseball (or sport), we really miss it too. Can you imagine how awesome it’s going to feel when we get these experiences back, after they’ve been taken away from us so swiftly? Putting yourselves in their shoes, sharing what we all are missing, but getting them jazzed about how it WILL be, may be enough to get them over the edge on a sale or deposit or a specific call back time.

This is all the right. I debated putting it in my own words and crediting, but, nope. This is it. Without being able to connect face-to-face, our ability to deepen our emotional connections with our potential clients is going to be critical. This is absolutely one of the best ways to do it.

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