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I've been asked on occasion why I talk about my site numbers. There's a few reasons. First off, FOMO sells in 2020. If other people are doing it, and you tell people other people are doing it, people will check it out. And, second, if we're being honest...I'm super f**king proud of them. We've worked really hard to cultivate a following for this site, and while I'll always be more excited by the stories I hear about how this site helps people...the numbers ARE pretty cool, too.

Two years ago I started this site, 10 days before my wedding, with four articles. If you asked if we would have made it two years and 218 articles, a betting man would have said 'Hell, no' (just look at my LinkedIn profile!). But we're only ramping up. This is the coolest job I've ever had...and I don't even get paid for it.

Before we get to the super cool numbers, one more thing to address. Why do I say 'we' when I talk about the site? I do this alone, but I can't do it alone. I can't do it without the support from my wife, my step-kids, my family (my Mom commented on an article!), my friends from inside and outside #sportsbiz who have contributed to this site, the people who have contributed content requests, the people who have shared the site and/or an article, and, of course, the people who read the site.

So, about those numbers...

  • We're just north of 850 content requests to the site from every league I know of in North America. If you're wondering if your team contributed a request to the site, the answer is probably, 'Yes.' That's a STAGGERING number.

  • There have been 218 blog posts or podcasts on the site. That's 9.1 per month. Or 1 every 2.4 working days. Whew.

  • The site has just under 50,000 page views. I don't really have any benchmarks for that, but it seems like a crap ton to me.

  • We've had just under 11,000 users on the site. Those users have come to us from 65 different countries. The majority of those users read two or more articles whenever they interact on the site. I like those facts a lot.

  • People from all US states except for Alaska have visited the site. California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois are the biggest users. My home state of Connecticut is 27th, so I'm going to need my friends to pick it up back there.

  • 53% of users have used a I'm assuming a lot of reps are reading at their desks. In fact, I know that because Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday are the days the site is read the most, AND users are on the site most at 10 am, than 9 am, than 11 am.

  • The article Why National Sales Center Reps Kicked Ass is the most read in the history of the site with barely south of 1,000 views. So click on it a few more times!

  • The article GROUP SALES MONTH: Proactive Group Selling, by guest author Alex Strathearn, Director of Group Sales for Reno Aces & Reno 1868 FC, has the longest average session duration.

  • The #TopSellerPodcast has been a really cool thing to be able to do...and we'll try to get them up on iTunes, etc. But that hasn't stopped OVER 300 people listening to the session with Lance Tyson & Allison Schuller from the Tyson Group...and 2,500 people have checked out the 33 podcasts I've done, despite the infrequency they've been done. We'll rectify all that moving forward.

My favorite stat of them all is that DIRECT TRAFFIC is now the #1 way that people get to this site. That happened about a week ago. And it didn't start that way, as LinkedIn & Twitter have both led at times, but Empowerment of a Salesperson has now become a part of people's lives and a part of how they do their job.

Back in 2005-2007, when I was at CEB, I used to refresh my computer every Friday starting at 11 am until the Bill Simmons Page 2 article would load. In the back of my mind, I guess that was always the pseudo-goal of this website. A place that #sportsbiz reps would like enough to want to check in to see if something was new. They do now...and that makes me so incredibly grateful and happy.

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