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  • Brett Zalaski

Urgency - A Mindset

Every once in a while I'd get asked by someone what the most effective part of the National Sales Center experience was for the reps. I'm sure some thought it was the intense sales training or the improv comedy. That was never my answer.

I believed it was something a little different. Every week for the 6 weeks they were there the trainees sold for a different team. They only sold for that team for one week. Often times the reps would be in the office on Saturday's & Sunday's making calls and tracking down leads. Whether a Monday or a Sunday, the reps were always FLYING around the offices for the most part. They knew that each time they talked to a person, it was probably the last chance they would ever talk to them.

And, despite calling the various markets around the country from a Minnesota telephone, they sold. Most weeks every rep sold. We often moved a solid amount of tickets...some weeks we moved a ton. Whether it was a tough team to sell for, or an easy team to sell for, urgency was the great difference-maker.

Urgency, above any technique, is a mindset. The seller has to make the determination that every day they are in the office, that's the best day for the client to buy...and they need to act that way. Studies show that from a first conversation, a seller has 72 hours to close a B2C sale before the sale is statistically dead. So, in reality, you have less than the week the National Sales Center trainees had. ACT THAT WAY!!!

Every day the client makes a decision they have longer to enjoy the idea of the tickets. Every day the client makes a decision they get a better seat location. Every day the client makes a decision they get more time to find people to go to the event. Every day the client makes a decision they get the opportunity to plan their outing. Every day is not only the best day for the seller to IS the best day for the buyer to buy.

When the trainees left the National Sales Center they outperformed their peers at the teams they went to by an insane 74%. It wasn't my training. It wasn't the curriculum. It wasn't the improv comedy. I'm convinced it was the natural urgency they learned by only selling for a week. Make the decision to act urgent today...and the results will follow.

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