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  • Brett Zalaski

Utilization vs. Pricing in Premium

In premium sales, some version of the phrase, 'Ultimately they just couldn't afford it,' was almost always a reason a rep told me that the prospective client couldn't buy.

90% of the time...they were wrong. We talked about value in regards to objection handling last week, so keep that in mind...because here's are two truths you, premium salesperson, have to believe.

They can afford your premium product. Face it, if they were talking about it and considering it, they could buy it. They just didn't think they could use it 8, 17, 34, 41, 81, etc. times.

They weren't scared of the value they could get out of it. No matter how costly the premium product, the bulk of companies could be in the black on it relatively easily. They were scared at the money attached to every unused seat.

Believe it or not, it's your job to help them navigate past the fears associated with ticket utilization. You need to excavate all the different ways they could use the product in your conversations. You need to introduce new ways that they can use their product (On vendors? Charitable auctions?). Then you need to introduce a plan to them that demonstrates exactly where that value is coming from. See what I made in 37 seconds will sing, it will make sense, and it will help more than what you're doing. Work with creative services to make something awesome.

They are a high dollar product and customer. TREAT THEM THAT WAY! Don't let them squirm over every lost dollar...take the challenge to them and create a plan that gets them past the problem. Proactive vs. Reactive. What can of salesperson are you?

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