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  • Brett Zalaski

Video is the New Email

Way back when I started my sales career in 2005, email was a big question mark in the sales process. I know that sounds crazy. Most people used it as a way to simply follow up on phone calls. It was still that time when getting an email was exciting...not just a tedious occurrence that makes your phone buzz all day. I even had one manager tell me, 'You don't schedule meetings over email.'

Imagine hearing that in 2018? Email has become an invaluable part of the communication process...not just as a way to follow up on a phone call, but to add value to the conversation. It's the part of the sales process that you can reference. The part of the process that sits in front of the client. Depending on the salesperson, email is either the #1 or #2 way that salespeople communicate with clients. We couldn't imagine selling without it.

We're at that inflection point on video. Most progressive sales organizations already use video as a part of their process...alongside the phone, email, and social selling. The most progressive organizations & salespeople also don't just pass along their company's videos or occasionally post something to YouTube. Personalized or customized videos are a part of their everyday process. They use them to make the process more 3D...when phone, email, or social are mostly 1D at worst, 2D at best.

What do I mean about 3D? Let's talk about the dimensions of sales communication that the buyer will judge you on...from least important to most important.

  • Tone of Voice - Whether you want to believe it or not, you are being judged on how you sound about your product. This is not just over the phone, but email, too. We forget that tone of voice matters in email all the time. If you are engaging, you'll pull people in. Sound indifferent about your product, just pass along information, and people will stay away.

  • Content of Message - You can be the nicest, coolest, most energetic voice on the planet, but if you are not adding value to the equation, no one will buy your product. Salespeople are either adding value or taking value at all times. If you're not adding value through content, you're pushing the buyer away. The more customized and personalized that value to the client, the more you draw them in.

  • Visual - To me, this one is most critical. As valuable as tone of voice and content can be, both can be tuned out if the buyer does not feel connected to the seller. People buy from people. Video amplifies your tone of voice and the content of your message by adding the human component. An energetic face will always beat an energetic voice or email...and a message of value will always be better delivered by a human over a voice or email. The vast, vast majority of salespeople say they sell better face-to-face. Using video is the closest we can get to that during the introductory sales process.

Most sales reps leave a dull voice mail and send an email that asks if the buyer got their voice message, or vice versa. I'll give that a 1D process...but many times it's a 0D process. Sending a perfect message over email with perfect content, or connecting with someone on the phone and delivering a customized solution is still 2D. Elevating that process with video is the best way to connect with new potential buyers. Full stop. People ignore names very easily. It's far more difficult to ignore a face. Thus the power of video...

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