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  • Brett Zalaski

We're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack...

A few weeks ago I posted the below on LinkedIn:

There's no doubt that the landscape of selling tickets in pro sports is evolving almost by the minute now. Teams are struggling with welcoming fans back to stadiums and #sportsbiz sales reps are struggling with their individual interactions with fans...whether lowered secondary market prices, #COVID19 issues, or fans becoming more seat-belted to their couches.

But there are solutions and there are answers...the hard statement is that they will take more effort, thought, and execution from where we've been historically. I'll leave the team, strategic efforts to the really smart people. I'll tackle the sales rep side over the next few weeks and months as we re-ignite

Here's a quick schedule on the post above:

After that, we'll drill down deeper in each of these areas to continue to give you strategic AND tactical expertise to navigate sales in today's crazy climate.

Time to #getafterit!

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