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  • Brett Zalaski

We're Wizards Selling to Muggles

If you haven't read the Harry Potter books, I am already so apologetic for this post...I just beg you to stay with me. My 9 year old step-son is a huge fan and he asked me to read the books after I successfully avoided them for what felt like decades. I'm about halfway through book 4 right now...crap, ok, back on subject.

In the novels, wizards and human inhabit the same planet. The wizards call the humans muggles. Rarely do humans/muggles know the wizards exist. In fact, in most cases, when a muggle learns of a wizard, the wizards literally erase those memories. The wizards literally go so freaked out the muggles can't handle this knowledge, they erase it from their memories.

Here's where the wizard/muggle world dovetails with #sportsbiz ticket sales. When we call people to sell them tickets, we forget that just a few short days/weeks/months/years ago we didn't know that ticket salespeople existed. Before I got into sports, I sure had no clue...and I owned multiple partial plans for multiple sports teams. Still, not a clue that someone might sell sports tickets.

SO STOP TALKING TO THEM LIKE THEY KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! Just because we know the in's and out's of the #sportsbiz industry now, and how tickets are sold, does not change any of that history for most other people. They still have no clue that most ticket sales are driven by the front office and not individual game sales. It's your responsibility to make them understand by being as clear as possible. I've literally heard reps use words like 'comps,' 'SRO's,' 'premium seats,' 'partials,' 'FSE's,' and a host of other industry terms. Your muggles don't know what you're talking about and they are not impressed. In fact, if you read my article about the article with sales stats you'd know that buyers most respond to emails written at a 3rd grade reading level. Buyers don't want to be overwhelmed with what you're talking about...they want to feel included.

I thought about this as I continued to wonder why the wizards and muggles couldn't work to make co-inhabiting possible. My guess is that they probably had just come to far...and it would be tough to clue muggles in on hundreds of years of hidden history. Buying tickets from a front office is a hidden mystery for most fans. Don't make the mistake of assuming they understand what you're talking about...make sure you speak to them on their level. It's a conscious decision to do it...but a critical one to do.

The quote on the right is true ONLY if we do not take the time to get on our buyers level and attempt to educate them about the importance of buying from a ticket office, why most people buy from a ticket office, and what the benefits of buying from a ticket office are. I've spent a ton of time reading the Harry Potter books feeling bad for the muggles. No one was taking the time to try and get them to understand wizarding and why it was amazing and important. Our tickets and working with us are amazing and important. Be the one who ensure that each of their buyers understands that about your relationship with them. This will be the last Harry Potter article I write...for now!

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