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  • Brett Zalaski

What Are Good Sales Resolutions?

Welcome to 2020! Haven't quite caught any flying cars or hover boards yet...but I'm assuming they're right around the corner.

At this time of year everyone has already made resolutions. At this time of year, many of those resolutions have already been broken. Why? Because they were pie-in-the-sky, never-gonna-make-it resolutions. The best resolutions are achievable. So now that you've got the bad resolutions out of the way (I already expunged one myself!)...what are 3 achievable sales resolutions? Glad you asked...:

  • Be more time efficient: The #1 content request bucket on my site is about time management. The most important part of good time management is efficiency. I hear reps say all the time, 'I have so much to do and only so many hours in the day.' Then I ask them what they're doing all day...and a lot of it is non-revenue generating activity. Helping a friend execute a group initiative, going on one meeting really far away, getting caught up in the operations of their own group initiatives, calling one-game buyers and trying to sell them season tickets, call ghost accounts, etc. etc. etc. None of that is efficient. Your primary responsibility is to produce revenue. Focus on that and that alone. Help a friend IF you have time...not when you're asked. Step aside off your own group operations and trust the coordinator/stadium ops/marketing to do their jobs. Have that far meeting at your facility or schedule more meetings/do drop-ins when you head out for that meeting. Call self-prospected, internet, merchandise, multi-game individual buyer leads. Break up with ghost accounts when you see their name and hate the sight of it. Work smarter, not harder...and the results will follow.

  • Make money from your money: In my time at the Washington Freedom we grew ticket sales 300%, as we grew from bottom of the WPS in ticket sales to right near the top. 200% of that came from referrals. 200%!!! Individual game buyer calls close somewhere between 1-5%. Face-to-face meetings close somewhere between 25-40%. Referrals close somewhere between 50-67%. Spend time in 2020 consciously pumping your clients for MORE clients.

  • Spent time self-prospecting EVERY day: Self-prospected leads (vs. individual game buyers) close at a higher percentage, close for more money, and close on a quicker time table. They just take more time finding them than being given indy leads by your managers. And they take actual effort from the sales rep themselves. So put it on your calendar, make it a part of your daily schedule, listen to the success of awesome salespeople like Allen Schlesinger, and get after it. Your numbers will JUMP because of it. Want to know where to go to do it? We've got some thought starters right here!

2020 is here. It's a new year. It's time to elevate your sales game. Ultimately the best resolution you can make, as Honest Abe says in the picture, the best resolution that you can ever make it choosing to be successful vs. choosing to accept excuses. Those who accept solutions find failure. Those who find solutions create incredible results. What are you choosing in 2020?

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