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What Can I Realistically Expect to Sell Right Now?

I've been getting this question...a lot. The answer is, 'Not much.' But I'm pretty sure that everyone who asks me that, knows that.

So why on earth are we going outbound? Two major reasons:

  1. Embrace the moment to become a trusted advisor: You can be the one who brings people back when we play again. You can be the one to pass along critical team information. You can let them know how your team or community is responding to Coronavirus. YOU can become their trusted advisor. Because people don't buy from people they like...they buy from people they trust.

  2. Expand Your Pipeline: Think about this universe...we find out when we'll be back in the office and when the game will be, and we have 150-200 people we can IMMEDIATELY call from connections we've made during these times. Or you get to start from scratch. No prospects, no people in your pipeline. Your wallet and your psyche can't take that. Create this database. Cultivate this database. And cash on it when we get back.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...this will either be an opportunity or an excuse. Which team are you on?

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