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What can I say to sell right now?

Yesterday we discussed who you should call. The response was, 'That's awesome, Brett...but what the f**k should I say to people?'

People are scared. People are struggling. It's an awkward time to be specifically asking for money. But it's not an impossible time to sell. More than ever, it will be CRUCIAL that you return to some sales and a full pipeline...or you are truly starting from nothing. So, here's how you can navigate a conversation to get on a sales path:

OPEN: 'First and foremost I hope you and your family are doing well. Is there anything the organization can help with during this time?'

AGENDA: 'The reason for my call was to ensure I was checking in with our biggest fans during this crazy time, first, but also to alert you that we're looking at a DATE YOUR LEAGUE ANNOUNCED return. If you're in a position to HAVE/START/CONTINUE a conversation, I'd love to at least inform you of the opportunities we'll have whenever you're in a position to move forward. Would that work?'

IN CONVERSATION: Please make sure you let your clients know that it's ok if they don't buy right now. If you really do go outbound, you will run into sales...but you're going to run into more people that won't buy right now. But that's ok. A full pipeline is better than starting from scratch when this a million-fold.

I've heard from a TON of teams that they aren't going out-bound right now. That may be ok for the moment...but that's not going to be ok starting next week. You CAN go outbound, but you can also do it thoughtfully and with empathy. This isn't an's an and.

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