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What Can I Say to Sell Right Now - pt. 2

Part 1 of 'What Can I Say to Sell Right Now' got a LOT of traction. A lot. But many of us have either exhausted some of our more direct calls (renewals, B2C), or many of us have specific job roles (groups, premium, etc.) and are starting to go out-bound now.

I'm also hearing about more shorter conversations and hang-ups. People are getting stressed out, and, in some instances, money is getting tighter. It's time to innovate our approach a little.

So what can you say to sell in some of those more specific instances? More specifically, after we've introduced ourselves, what can we say to get us into a sales conversation right now? Here are some agenda statements to say after the introduction to set you up for success:

B2B NEW Call: The reason for my call is that we work with a number of businesses right now, and, in our conversations with them, we're learning the challenges they're having thinking about the magnitude of what they need to accomplish when they get back, and how they need to engage their staff. I'd love to talk to you about how we're supporting them, and see if something may be a fit for or down the line. How does that sound?

B2B FOLLOW-UP Call: I know I've been reaching out to you quite a bit, but I'm on fire right now with the possibilities we are presenting to businesses like yours with a TON of other businesses in the area. Even if you don't act right now, I know the dialogue will be valuable as your peers across industry are telling us it is...and maybe an escape from the current reality for a few minutes. How would a 15-minute Zoom call sound?

NEW Affinity Group Leader: The TEAM NAME works with a tremendous amount of local non-profit organizations, and we're having conversations with them about how challenging the moment is, and how quickly they're going to have to ramp up when this ends. Whether it's fundraising, volunteer engagement, staff engagement, or a host of others, we're already having conversations about how we can support them. I'd love to see if there's an option here when all this passes. How does that sound?

Group Leader Follow-Up: Thanks again for being a critical supporter of TEAM NAME. I know this moment is virtually impossible, but we want to support you in any way we can. We're working with a number of other groups to lay out options to support them when they get back in a TON of different areas. As a critical supporter, I just want to make sure we start dialogue on what that could be now, so we're not racing around in the summer/fall. I'm not asking for any commitments...just a conversation. How does that sound?

Youth Sports Leader: We know playing is still a ways away, but, to ensure we're not sprinting recklessly when we get back, we're having a lot of really positive conversations with organizations like yours right now to lay out the options for whenever we get back. I'm sure your kids would be thrilled to get out to a game quickly, and I want to make sure we position you all in the best way for success on it. Let me know if 15 minutes might work now...

These are just a few of a hundred different scenarios that we could talk about right now...but no matter what scenario it is, you need to include this in your agenda statement:

  1. Acknowledge the craziness of the moment.

  2. Create FOMO through OTHER conversations.

  3. Talk about what success could look like.

  4. Minimize the commitment right now.

  5. Ask for the time/conversation.

You'll find success with these...but you have to start now.

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