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  • Brett Zalaski

What I've Learned from 1,000 Content Requests

This past weekend I surpassed 1,000 content requests from visitors to I'm also including people who emailed me, people who reached out on LinkedIn, people who called me, people who contacted me through another social media channel, and a couple text messages. They've all been documented.

Fun quick info?

  • Not counting the NFL (33%), I've had content requests from 92% of the teams in the other Big Four (NBA, MLB, NHL, & MLS). If you're wondering if someone on your team wrote in...they probably did.

  • I've had content requests from over 200 pro sports teams or organizations. That's CRAZY.

  • Just over 90% of the content requests have come from sales reps or a manager who still sells themselves. That's who this website was written for...I'm humbled that's who has taken advantage of the site.

So what have I learned?

Teams seem to do a good job of on-boarding. Teams do a good job training the fundamental skills of sales. Reps feel pretty well prepared to pick up the phone. They feel supported and well-resourced to be successful. They believe their managers genuinely root for them and their development.

So what are the gaps?

Consistent training past inside sales is an issue. Things like time management, ways to be more efficient, career pathing, being a good teammate, and on-going objection handling training are important. Reps do not feel supported by other stakeholders within the organization (marketing, operations, etc.), especially on the group sales side. Group sales reps also struggle with creating big groups. Reps who sell full menu AND service have challenges finding the time to drive new business. Reps feel unprepared to transition into B2B sales.

We've had 13,000 people visit the site. An astonishing 2,600 viewers would be considered consistent. Over 2,500 users have read at least 10 articles on the site. Over 300 have read damn near all of them. And now, 1,000 people have written in to the site. These are all statistically significant. I hope leaders listen.

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