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'What if we don't play games with fans in 2020?'

There's been a shift in the tone of a lot of conversations I'm having with teams and reps and managers from 'How do we work from home?' to 'Who should I be reaching out to?' to, now, 'What happens if we don't play games with fans in 2020?'

While states have ranged from aggressively getting back to business to staying in quarantine, and a lot in between, it's hard to imagine any state in the near future saying it's a good idea to have 20,000 people in the same place...and then have 49 other states agree with that. I've even heard recently from a friend in the NFL who said they've started thinking about some contingencies.

So where does that leave a sales rep? Wouldn't I change the tone of outbound and aggressive that I've been talking about in my blogs to this point? Honestly? Nope. Or, better, as my 6-year old step-son says, 'Not a chance poopy pants.'

Here's the thing, someday we will be back. That's the one constant that hasn't changed. And we will have to sell a LOT of tickets when we do. You want to be the person that's raking it in in those moments.

And, if we don't play until 2021, will more sales reps lose their jobs? Probably. I'm not trying to be an alarmist...just a realist. The best way you can position yourself to not get fired, or to land on your feet if you do, is to show an incredible work ethic through this challenge. Build a pipeline. Be a great teammate. Show up on time. Make yourself better.

You can't control whether or not we play in 2020. You can control the efforts you take to be ready when we do. Because, again, the one thing that hasn't changed is that we will.

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