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  • Brett Zalaski

What Should My #COVID19 Daily Schedule Look Like?

The most consistent question I've received from #sportsbiz reps in my almost 75 conversations is how they should be structuring their day in a 'Work From Home' environment during the #COVID19 pandemic.

Welp, here's a cheat sheet and a couple notes:

Quick Note: This is for a full menu rep, but the principles below hold regardless of what you do.

  • 1/2 Positive Activity, 1/2 Selling: Make sure your day consists of those two things in equal amounts...with a couple breaks thrown in. You're either moving forward or you're moving forward...not staying still.

  • Positive Activity: This is developing yourself as a salesperson, updating your CRM, self-prospecting, updating your pipeline, or scheduling your calendar. This is where your non-selling time should be entirely focused.

  • Physical Activity: I recommend this even when I'm not work from home. Starting your day and breaking up your day with physical activity helps keep you sharp and focused...and not in the middle of just some blur. Even if you don't do a workout during lunch, take a full break to clear your head for the PM.

  • GO OUTBOUND!!!: Schedule outbound time in and do it. It's easy to get distracted during our outbound time...or find reasons not to call, especially now. I've talked about this a lot...we're going to have to ramp up REALLY quickly. If you are not going outbound, you'll be left behind when we get back. You may not sell a lot now...but you can get yourself ready for the comeback.

From my work from home experience, if you don't schedule up, you're not productive. It's so easy to get distractions throughout the day...and to get off track. Schedule up and lock in. There's plenty of time to watch Tiger King around it.

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