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What the s**t should a service rep do when it's not renewal season?

Renewal season is over. You crushed it. Congratulations! We're now approaching our season, and, even though we killed it...we are aiming to do even better next season. So how can we approach our season in a way that will maximize our results for next renewal cycle? Let's check out 3 of them!

First, I want to hearken back to an article I wrote last year called The Stoplight Service Strategy. There is ZERO strategy that replaces a real, honest, and true coordinated strategy to get to know your fans on a personal level. None. Please read it.

Second, be their source of information. By-and-large, our fans are ignoring our team's emails. Trust me, I've seen open rates. Every month aggregate all that information and send them one email, from your account, that synthesizes all the important information. This will allow you to be the source of the information they need to know...and personalized emails get opened at a WAY higher rate. And maybe even make it a video that includes your face and links!

Third, put time on your calendar each month to call people with no objective. Your fans think you want their money. Call just to ask how their family is doing. Call on their birthdays if you have it in the database. Hell, call to get birthday information. Call to give them an update on changes to your internal ticketing system. Call to invite them to a group sales event that's happening. Just CALL, CALL, CALL! In-person is tough and email is easy. Phone is way more personal than email, and way easier to execute day in, day out than in-person meetings. Put time on your calendar every day to make those 'what's up' calls.

Those were three very tactical ideas...but they all stem from one place. How do you think about your client? Gandhi, in the quote pictured, gives us the ENTIRE importance of customer service. Do we see our clients as a critical asset who we're there to serve? Or an every day annoyance?

Too often when I work with #sportsbiz sales reps, it's the latter. Ohmigosh they won't stop calling. Ohmigosh I have to update ANOTHER email. It has to be the opposite. You get to talk to our fans. You get the opportunity to serve them exactly how they need it. Our fans are a privilege...not a right. We need to treat them that way...from the President to the Service Rep.

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