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What Time Management Actually Looks Like

The work I've done on time management has been among the most read on the website. Self-Prospecting tips, lead qualification, how to handle 'Maybe's', quick sales, pipeline management, and etc etc etc.

Time management help is also, by far, the most requested topic of those who write into the site. #Sportsbiz sales reps just want to know how to more efficiently spend their days. While the above has been helpful, I've loved the feedback on the articles as they've expressed specific topics, today is going to be a more general look at time management. By literally looking at what a sales reps calendar should look like.

Before you look, one quick note. The below is a calendar of an inside sales rep or a season ticket sales rep...but don't assume it doesn't apply to you, premium or group rep. The important point is not the calendar itself, but the principles listed don't get turned off when you see it...just keep reading!

Here's what a great day, to me, would look like:

Here are the important points to think about:

  • Urgency: The creation of an urgency driving phrase each day is critical. Today is always a better day to buy than tomorrow...and you have to believe that for your clients. Starting the day by understanding this will give you the best chance to convert that day into sales.

  • Call Time: It's not call and update CRM's call time. You should have a specific list of specific contacts printed out to work off of. You'll see I have Pipeline Calls, New Ticket Buyer Calls, and B2B Calls all laid out here. Don't cross swords! Specific calls have specific them at specific times. Also, great call blocks have great rhythm. They aren't interrupted by updating CRM. Your best call will always be the call you make after a don't take 20 minutes to update CRM & process...keep crushing more calls!

  • Pipeline Update & CRM Compliance: After you finish your calls, first re-do your pipeline. Did someone say 'yes'? Did someone say 'no'? Did you add a new person to it? Did you break up with someone to take them off? Updating should be your first action. Second, you should have taken notes on your calls. After your calls, and only after your calls, update your CRM system. You'll be shocked at how quickly you can update your CRM when you don't use it as a reason to delay your next call.

  • Next Day/Week Goal Setting: If it's Monday-Thursday, use 15-20 minutes at the end of the day to script out your schedule for the next day based on what you accomplished that day. You should have a goal for the amount of touches you want to make to clients that next day (and which clients), and a revenue goal. That will help you get off the mark quickly the next day. If it's the end of the week, take a look at your pipeline, what you've accomplished that week, how you accomplished it, and set a goal for the next week. You should walk into the office every day with a plan for success that day.

  • What do I do if I finish my stuff in that block early? Read the internet. Text your wife. Talk to your friends (but don't distract them). I don't care. You earned it...take time to yourself.

  • This is only 9-5...? I know...isn't that great? If you have a plan to get something out of every hour, every half hour, every block of time, you'll be shocked at what you can accomplish. If you maximized every hour and every call block, you won't need 11 hour days.

Ultimately, how you prepare for and execute on your goals will yield your success. Most reps wander into the office each day with a few people they need to get back to...and then just wing it. The best reps understand what needs to be accomplished each day and plan to achieve. It's crazy...the more you plan...the less you have to work and the more money you make. That works for me.

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