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What to Say to Sell a Losing Team During #COVID19

So selling during #COVID19 wasn't tough enough? Your team decided to be terrible, too? As if getting people to think about attending games wasn't tough enough, this is a hell of a double whammy!

But here's the thing...this is still simply objection layering. It's the same as if they said, '...I live to far away and this costs too much money.' You have to mentally recognize that there's no difference. It's crucial.

Here's my best advice:

If someone is LAYERING reason after reason to not buy...they are either a super serious buyer or absolutely not interested. There's no middle ground.

So it's crucial that we call them out on this. Not call them out like being an asshole, but something like...

Prospect: I'm just not sure I'm ready to go back in a stadium...especially when the team's this bad.

Rep: I get it. I promise you no one wants this team to win more than me...I have to talk to fans like you all day!

It sounds to me like you have a lot of challenges getting yourself excited to get back to the arena. And I totally get it. It's a crazy year for everyone. If that's the case, should I cross you off the list for fans going to our first few games and catch up with you later in the year?

If they emphatically answer, 'Yes, please cross me off!' Guess what? No matter how good you are, you weren't selling them. Find a better time to follow up and don't piss them off by overselling.

If they answer some version of, 'No, that's not what I meant!' got them. You've got them to admit they want to come back, now it's time to capitalize.

The answer to objection layering is to get them to place their cards on the table. So, to continue the poker analogy, call their bluff. By doing so you'll either go bust (a hand you weren't going to win anyway) or you'll win a HUGE pot. And, in this case, you never had to put money on the table to begin with! It's absolutely no lose.

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