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  • Brett Zalaski

What to Say When We're FINALLY Playing Games in Front of Fans

A team I work with is going to be playing games with fans in less than a month. That's craziness after all we've been through. And while other leagues are playing without fans, slowly but surely we will start playing in front of audiences.

I've been dissecting what that call should look like, given that there will be a mix of emotions on entering stadiums. Here's what I've got...the italics are what I'd say, the regular font are my notes:

'This is Brett Zalaski from the front office of the XXXXXXX. First off, how are you and your family doing during this time?'

I still think it's critical that we open with as much empathy as we can. Sit on this part and don't run past it.

'As you may have seen, we're getting ready to play games in front of fans. I'm incredibly confident in the safety precautions we'll be taking, but I know different people feel differently...and that's totally fine. How excited are you to get back to some of our games?'

Some people will race back into the stadium. It will take others a while. You need to be respectful of both. If they aren't interested, you can invite them to the stadium to see the safety precautions or you can ask a better time to call back. If they are willing to come back...

'Great, I know we have a few cool ticket options for you. I'd love to ask you a few questions to ensure I put the right one in front of you. How does that sound?'

And we're back to normal. Navigating that front part of the conversation is crucial...and I think this is the right way to attack it...but I'd love to hear thoughts from others! Send me a note or place them in the comments below!

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