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  • Brett Zalaski

When it's Time To Ditch the Process...

I'm a big believer in having and executing a sales process and plan. If you are consistently attempting to execute towards the best version of yourself to your clients, you can't help but find consistent success. The very best salespeople have a process and plan every day.

I'm also a big believer in accountability. Mike Tyson is attributed with a quote that says, 'Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.' I'm also a big believer in that quote, too. Not only do the best salespeople have a process and a plan, but they have a sense of accountability to themselves and their organization to contribute every day...and they are ready to ditch their plan and process when it's time to find a sale each day.

When I was in my entry-level sales job at CEB, I had a plan and process for how I went about each day. I carried out that plan until 3:30 pm each day. If I had scheduled a meeting that day, I stayed on my plan. If I had not schedule a meeting by 3:30 pm that day, I ditched the plan and made it my job to find a meeting that day. After being promised she would get it on her calendar, I once called the advertising executive at Merck Pharmaceuticals 15 times between 3:30 pm-5 pm until she picked up. And I got the meeting. I also slept overnight in the office twice to call Australian territories on some tougher days as I searched for the sale.

I don't site those examples to build me up...I site them because they show the tenacity it takes to be a great salesperson. The more you feel compelled to find a sale, the more you find sales. Phil Goldfarb was one of the best ticket salespeople I've ever worked with...and the most incredible thing about him was his need to sell season tickets every day. The middle of the season, the opener, the middle of the off-season, he always found season ticket sales. It was absolutely incredible. He had a plan and a process, but when it all went down, his best sales trait was his accountability to producing results every day. How accountable are you?

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