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  • Brett Zalaski

Who should I call right now?

I was having a conversation with a team I consult with, and, before anyone asked about what they should say on the phone, one of the reps said, 'I don't even know who the f**k I should be calling right now.' And that felt fair. So I'll break it down.

Service Reps: Our season ticket holders. Ask if they are ok, ask if there is anything we can help with, and give them any updates.

Group Sales: Start with all the group leaders specifically in your book of business. Ask if they are ok, ask if there is anything we can help with, give them updates, and start talking about what might be feasible when we have a more permanent date.

Then call any new groups in your pipeline and any group that said 'no' to you in the past year with the same questions.

Season Sales: Call all of your partial plan holders and everyone currently in your pipeline with the group sales questions above. Then call everyone who told you 'no' over the past year. Ask the same as group sales

Finally, when you start calling indy buyer or cold calling businesses, make sure you lead with empathy. It's 'ok' if they don't want to talk business right now. Just be ready if they do.

Hyrbrid Sales & Service: Call EVERYONE above with all the questions I outlined. You should have the ability to do the most during this time. I'd prioritize season ticket holders, partial plan holders, group leaders, pipeline for all, 'no's' for all, then indy buyers.

Your success will start by organizing your business and attacking. The quote below is the approach you need to take. Remember, it's either an opportunity or an excuse.

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