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Who Should I Call Right Now? - pt. 2

I wrote the first of these articles right at the beginning of #COVID19. It got a LOT of views...and a great response. As things started to work themselves out, normalcy started to set back in to sales rep roles. And now that we're seeing a continued spike, I'm seeing confusion set back in for sales reps. I had TWO people write in to the site struggling with the morality of selling right now.

On Thursday I'm going to be discussing how to combat some objections you might hear during this time, but I want to focus on being proactive today.

The first of these articles broke it down by sales focus (seasons, groups, sales/service). This is just going to think a little more generally and broadly.

  • B2B: While they've had to do it in some interesting ways, businesses are businessing. They still have their challenges they need help with. And when we play in front of fans, we'll have solutions. You don't have to finalize the sale right now, but selling the vision of how you can support is still possible...and execs are answering their phones.

  • Ages 18-35: In any analytical report I've seen, 18-35 year olds want to get back. Then in any picture you see, you see that 18-35 year olds want to get back. You can target these people through young professionals groups, activity clubs, LinkedIn, etc. They seem to want to get back give them the chance.

  • Social Media: Lots of fans are continuing to engage with our teams social media accounts in some really substantial ways. Even without games, or a lot of news. It's a good continued practice to look at those people engaging with the team through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn and look at reaching out to them. It's not creepy anymore.

  • Merchandise Purchases: Ask your merch department for a list of people who are still buying merchandise. If they buy a jersey, they want to go to a game. If they buy a mask, they want to go to a game. Fans merch departments are one of the only ways teams are bringing in new revenue...and those fans are worth speaking to.

People are still working. People are still spending money. People are still connecting with and interacting with sports teams. It may take more work. It may take more focus. But sales are out there.

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