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Why is it Important to be Outbound Right Now?

Let's start this the same way I started my blog 'What Can I Realistically Expect to Sell Right Now?' saying that you're not going to be selling a lot right now. Things are still very unclear, people are losing their jobs in record numbers, and budgets are tightening all over the world. Buying sports tickets is no ones biggest priority.

But the ramp is going to be crazy. The amount of tickets a team and a rep will have to sell when we get back will be crazy in a short period of time. The ramp up will also be crazy for people and businesses. People will have to find jobs and make big life decisions they've been putting off quickly. Businesses will be in full on decision mode. They will have to make a ton in a short period of time.

If we aren't building our pipeline now, and that first day back won't feel like Christmas Morning, we'll be in a TON of trouble. And if we aren't on the radar for when people will make decisions, they'll make financial decisions without including us.

We may not sell a lot now, but we won't sell anything when we get back if we don't take the action to be outbound right now.

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