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  • Brett Zalaski

Why Personalization is Critical in #SportsBiz Sales

When I first moved to Houston and started dating my wife, even though I lived in an area with a TON of eating and drinking options, we always started the night at the same restaurant. Was it the food? Sure. Food was fine...but it was in a neighborhood with 4 of the top 10 restaurants in Houston. And it wasn't one of them. Was it the drinks? Drinks were great. But so were the drinks from most of the bars in the area.

So if it wasn't really the food or drinks...what kept us going there most date nights? The bar manager knew our names. The bartenders knew our names. They knew what we drank and updated us on any additions of drinks or beers that they thought we would like. We went to the same restaurant as hundreds of other people, but we felt like it was our place.

Everybody wants the in and everyone wants the access. You want to be in the VIP sections. You want behind the velvet rope. The restaurant was very well reviewed and we felt super cool being well known at a trendy restaurant.

#SportsBiz sales reps are clunky as hell when they interact with clients or prospects. 'How can I get to product as quickly as possible?', they think instead of wielding their GREATEST asset. They are the cool person who works for the cool pro sports team. They are the bartenders and managers in my story. They are the person in front of the velvet rope or deciding who gets in the VIP section.

Most people in VIP sections spend a shit load of money. Most people spend a lot of money when they get behind the ropes in clubs. And my wife and I rarely, if ever, got anything free from our restaurant. But that didn't change how we felt. In fact, it's what probably got us to spend MORE money. With great personalization of our experience came the intoxication that got us buying more stuff.

The experience felt personalized to me...even though it was nearly the same experience for most other people. The best #sportsbiz sales reps don't just sell tickets...they sell a personalized experience for the customer and they sell VIP access to their stadium. They make each client feel individually valued and create customized (coming soon!) ticket plans PERSONALIZED for that specific client.

We'll dive more into how to do this in the coming weeks...but one question to leave yourself with today: Are you selling products or are you selling personalization and access?

The best sales reps are selling the latter.

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