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  • Brett Zalaski

Why Urgency Works for the BUYER

One of the things that #sportsbiz sales reps write in about all the time is creating urgency. The challenge in creating urgency is summed up from these stats from this great HubSpot article:

  • Top Ways to Create a Positive Buying Experience: Don't Be Pushy! (61%)

  • Biggest Challenges Today's Salespeople Face: Establishing Urgency (42%)

  • Top Sales Priorities: Closing More Deals (28%)

That's f**king daunting. So a rep needs to close more deals, but buyers don't want you to be pushy AND reps already struggle with establishing urgency? Now that's a conundrum. Because isn't the picture on the right what we all fear the most in sales? It's not a 'no'. Those suck, but those are done right away. It's the constant push-and-pull-and-waiting-while-hoping that drives our anxiety through the roof.

We feel gross when we create urgency because we know we wouldn't like someone being pushy with us. That's why it's such a challenge. We feel like we need to take a shower after we do it...especially when it doesn't work. Even when it does, those sales ring the most we forced them into buying it.

So let's get out of our own head here...and into that of the buyer. How on Planet Earth does urgency POSITIVELY impact the buyer? Glad you asked...let's do it through the lens of two quick stories.

What if your favorite musician was coming to your town/city? And you got access to tickets through the pre-sale and you didn't buy them? You'd start to get anxious. Then it goes on-sale and gets sold out. You'd get pissed. But what if you got them through the pre-sale? And got your best friend to go? And had months to be able to plan for the night? How great would that experience be? That's what fans can do the earlier they purchase them. They have all that time to be excited...not anxious. That's an incredibly positive difference for the buyer. Remind them of that.

Ticket usage is a challenge for all season ticket holders. So let's say you, #sportsbiz rep, wait...and wait...and wait...and wait...and then finally buy your tickets right as the season starts. How challenging would that be to change your schedule around? How many would you miss as the games kept piling up? How strategic could you possibly be about how to use them? Now what if you bought them earlier. How much time would you have to plan your schedule around the games? How much time would you have to decide which games you just can't make to give away or sell strategically? You could have a full plan laid out before the season even starts with the proper amount of time.

Time to get excited and time to make a plan are incredibly important for ticket buyers. It's the difference between a rush purchase or an incredible amount of unused tickets, and an amazing experience with their favorite team. Urgency can matter if it's used that way. People don't want to not be in your stadium. Give them that chance in a genuinely impactful way. I love the quote on the left. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is such an incredibly powerful reason make decisions these days...but so is the calm that comes with making a smart decision. When you can combine BOTH of those to the buyer, they will make a decision.

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