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Work From Home Tips

Out of the last 72 months, I've spent 56 of them technically working from home. A lot of travel, but a lot of working from home. As we start to settle into work from home as a reality as an industry, I thought I'd pass a few tips along that have served me well.

  • Create a Work Space: If you've got an office, awesome. If it's a counter or a kitchen table, great. If it's your bathroom, whatever. You need to have a space where you work so you can create a perceived AND actual separation between being home and working.

  • Create a Work Schedule: Let's be honest, being home makes a typical 9-5 almost impossible. Whether distractions or boredom from isolation or whatever, pretending like we're getting 8 solid hours in is a pipe dream. When I'm home, I walk my step-kids to school and get back at 8:30. I'm locked in from 8:30-11. I eat lunch/workout from 11-1, and then am completely locked in from 1-3:30 when I have to go pick them up. I may 'only' work 5 hours...but I am super locked in...and bet I get more done in 5 than most of you get in 8.

  • Set Daily Goals: And that's probably because I set goals. Here's exactly what I want to accomplish each day. How many calls? How many emails? How much business closed? How many self-prospected leads? Set these expectations for yourself...have them stare at you from a white board...and you'll be floored at how often you exceed them. We all gotta be a little competitive to be in sales.

  • Do Something Each Day That You Couldn't In the Office: It's 'ok' to miss being in an office. I sure do. But there's a freedom to working from home that's cool and unique...and exploit it. Go to a brewery for lunch. Talk a long walk in the middle of the day. Play with your dogs. Play video games. Just take action each day to slow down and remind yourself how unique this opportunity truly is...and that it's an opportunity to slow down a little personally...and just enjoy things.

Many way more qualified than me have given their opinions here. But I've spent a lot of time working from home...and these are 4 that for sure work for me. Make some changes over the weekend and come back strong on Monday!

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