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  • Brett Zalaski

Yes, You Should Make 70 Calls a Day

My role as a consultant and trainer always focuses on how we can make #sportsbiz sales reps more efficient. Can LinkedIn provide a more direct path than a phone call? Of course. Can a video embedded in an email have a higher percentage for connection than a phone call? No doubt. Can a rep engage directly with fans on Twitter and Facebook? 100%. Do products like ZipWhip put rep messages directly in front of fans faces? They sure do.

BUT, they still don't close business. Fans and businesses still close over the phone or via face to face conversations. Even group links through products like Fevo START with a phone or face-to-face conversation before any purchase is made. And most face-to-face interactions are close...over the phone.

You may hate cold calls...but you can't hate the phone. It needs to be a consistent part of your sales game. To make sales you need the you should be on the phone a lot. You can use everything from the first paragraph to help avoid 'cold' calls...but you should use those things to drive a phone conversation. Closing over the phone is FAR more efficient than setting up and executing a it should always be the first thing you aim for.

Beyond all that, activity also breeds results. If you walk into the office and make 50 calls in your first hour, you will have a successful day (and here's how to maximize that time!). Activity to start will help set the tone for the day...and the best activity is to always directly interact with fans.

I've heard from so many reps and managers that it's not about just phone calls. And that's very true. But the phone is also how business happens in sports...still. So if you aren't on the phone at all, it's hard to see how you're making business happen. The best reps use all the other channels to create phone activity. If you're avoiding phone ain't being too active overall. I love the quote on the right...because it's so true. Phones get sales. Give yourself that energy. Avoiding the phone means avoiding sales...and that will drain you. Choose wisely!

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