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Your Secret Weapon During This Crazy Time

We've talked about who to call. We've talked about what to say. We've talked about how we can increase our connections. And we've talked about what to expect.

Now it's time to fully arm you to help connect, engage, and sell during these difficult times. And that is through video. Let's start with the stats on video. Emails with video are opened more, a lot more. Individual social media posts gain more traction, and are more viral, with video. And just life is going to seems.

Stats aside, there are also a few crucial reasons video is important right now:

  • In lieu of face-to-face, this is our prospects chance to SEE us!: It's hard to trust someone you've never seen. Your ability to display your personality in video is far easier than phone or email. It's an incredible engagement tool.

  • Video is SUPER agile: You can cut videos immediately when something happens. They can also be for specific or vast audiences.

  • People stay engaged with videos: Phone messages are mostly are emails. Once people start watching a video, they stay engaged with a video.

Tomorrow we will discuss what to do a little more tactically with video. But the most important thing is that you just start using it. Not getting face-to-face is an excuse I'm hearing...but you do have a chance for people to connect with your face. Use it!

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